Northeast Water Solutions, Inc.

Water tankNWSI provides comprehensive water and wastewater systems engineering, construction and operating services for public, commercial and industrial clients. NWSI is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to develop and implement cost and operationally effective solutions to meet client requirements, protect public health and provide the necessary infrastructure support for commercial and industrial facilities and residential community development and expansion.

NWSI has assembled a management and technical team highly experienced in all aspects of system planning, design, implementation and regulatory compliance, as well as system operation and maintenance, resulting in single source responsibility. Whether the need is troubleshooting a specific problem, evaluating and upgrading an existing system, developing a new system or providing operating services, NWSI is prepared to work with you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Northeast Water Solutions, Inc., 567 South County Trail, Exeter, Rhode Island, 02822
tel: (401) 667-7463     fax: (401) 667-7465