Residential Water Softeners

ProMate 6

  • Salt Recycling Features SAVES You Over 20% in Salt Usage
  • Patented Vortech Distributor Technology SAVES You Water and Keeps Your System Cleaner
  • Premium 10% Cross Linked Resin (the gas of the engine) Lasts Longer and Improves Performance

ProMate 6-DMT

  • Two Systems in One SAVES You Money
  • Condition Your Water and Remove Chlorine In One System
  • Carbon Layer is Effective in Reducing Harmful Substances Commonly Found In City Water Supplies (see article below on Carbon)

ProMate 6.0 TAS

Save Salt and Save Energy with the ProMate 6.0 Twin Alternating System. Never run out of softened water again. This state of the art technology is only available through Hellenbrand.

HP Twin–DMT ProMate 7.1

Condition water and remove or reduce chlorine and contaminants with Premium Activated Carbon in a single system


E3 = Efficient, Electronic, Engineered and produced in the USA Fully assembled, ready for installation.

Millennium Reverse Osmosis System

Millennium drinking water system reduces contaminants and turns tap water into clean, clear refreshing water for better health.

Always Fresh

Single 5-Stage Certified Filter - The high flow system provides delicious tasting, healthful, crystal clear water from your existing cold water faucet.

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